Keep going. Stop paying. Trial our newest way to pay and get yourself a week's free travel!


Be one of the first to touch and go with your contactless card, and we'll do the hard work by working out the cheapest fare for you!

We're looking for people to try this exciting new way to pay. All you'll need to take part is a contactless bank or credit card, and you'll bag yourself a week's free travel if you complete our survey afterwards.

How does it work?

The idea is simple - tap your card on the reader when you get on your bus, tap when you get off, and we'll work out the cheapest fare for you.

If it's cheapest for you to pay for a single, day or weekly ticket, we'll cap the price you pay at whatever is the cheapest for the trip you're making.

So if you travel on several of our buses in one day, you'll only pay for a day ticket, and if you travel for two or three days and the cost equals more than the price of a weekly ticket, you'll only pay for a weekly ticket. You won't be charged for the rest of the week, no matter how many buses you use. For example, if you're travelling between York and Leeds, the price is capped at £10 per day, or £37 for the week.

And it means that for the first time, you'll be able to buy our range of Gold tickets with contactless - if you travel more than a few days a week, we'll automatically cap your spend at £37, the price of a weekly Gold ticket. 

How do I take part?

First, you'll need to make sure that you've got a contactless bank or credit card - look for the contactless logo on your card. You can also take part if you've got a smartphone or watch with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

You'll need to be a regular user of our buses, or at least, be able to make a few trips where you're able to test the new tap on, tap off technology. 

If this sounds like you, sign up to try contactless, and we'll be in touch!

Any questions?

Check out our FAQs if you have any questions, and don't forget to follow and tweet us @harrogatebus.