Text service to find out when your next bus is due!


Bus passengers can now find out when the next bus is due - by text.

All they have to do is text 84268 with the bus stop code and a message will be sent to their mobile telling them when the next bus will arrive.

Buses are tracked by real time, a system that provides up-to-the-minute information about your local bus services. It works by tracking the location of Transdev Lancashire United's services using global positioning satellites.

The following services are being equipped with real time equipment and are now live with realtime.

  • Service 1: Darwen – Blackburn – Accrington
  • Services 6/7: Blackburn – Accrington (Hyndburn Circular)
  • Service 18: Blackburn – Shadsworth – Accrington
  • Service 152: Burnley – Blackburn – Preston
  • Service 225: Bolton – Darwen – Blackburn - Clitheroe

The bus stop code is clearly marked on information panels at stops. Passengers can make a note of it and then can check when their bus is due from the comfort of their homes.

Passengers can also access information through an app on a smartphone or people can use the mymobi next bus website at http://nextbuses.mobi/

Councillor Dave Harling, executive member for regeneration, said: "This new service will mean that passengers will no longer have to wait at bus stops unsure when the next bus is due. Hopefully it will encourage more people to use public transport."

Transdev Lancashire United's Business Director, John Threlfall said, "This is a really exciting development. The vast majority of our services run 'spot on' time but with this innovation, passengers will be able to see exactly what is happening to their bus."