Combined bus and boat ticket - see York from the river too!

YorkBoat cruise vessel on the river

If you would like to see the city from the deck of a cruise boat as well as the top deck of a tour bus, buy a joint Bus and Boat ticket.

YorkBoat and York CitySightseeing have co-operated to give you the opportunity to save pounds on these two ‘must-do’ experiences.

YorkBoat, like ourselves, have been entertaining visitors for many years on their distinctive red and white boats.  Giving the visitor a unique perspective of the city, their leisurely cruises are accompanied by an entertaining commentary and last about 45 minutes.  

Ask our driver for a Bus and Boat ticket when you board the bus.

The boat part of your ticket doesn’t need to be used on the same day as the bus tour – so save it for another day if you want to.

Please note that there is a reduced sailing programme between October and March and high river levels can curtail the programme in winter.  Check with YorkBoat before you buy a ticket.

For more information about YorkBoat and details of sailings, etc. visit
or call 01904 628324

Please note that joint Bus and Boat tickets are only available for daytime cruises.

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